LIVE NOW 'Mom Boot Camp' Challenge [Dates: Monday - Friday @ 1:00 PM EST]
ATTENTION MOMS: Are you ready to become a happier mom by Friday?
Give me just one hour a day and by the end of the WEEK you’ll be able to...

Get Rid Of Stress, Boost Your Energy, And Get More Done.

5 Days. 5 Habits. 5 Dollars. = 1 Happy Mom! This Works For Moms Even If They Have Focusing Issues, Zero Willpower, And Have Failed Over And Over To Reach Their Goals.
Mom Boot Camp Starts In ...


There Are Four Things Moms Do When They’re Stressed Out, If You Pick The Wrong One, You Could Screw Up Everything

(Including Your Kids)

You Don’t Need Another “Challenge.” Life Is Challenging Enough For Moms! You Don’t Need A Makeover, Or A New Diet, Or Another Program—You’ve Tried All That. You Need To Get Your Butt To Camp.

5 Days + 5 Habits + 5 Dollars = 1 Happy Mom!

Mom Boot Camp Is A Full Mind/Body/Spirit Makeover.
Together, We’ll Be Practicing The “5 Alive” Habits:

Mom Brain Smoothie

This smoothie has all the ingredients to boost your energy, improve your cognition and memory (Hello, mom brain?), and manage your weight. The secret recipe (that took over 10 years to perfect), as well as the shopping list for ingredients is included in the Mom Boot Camp Kit.

Clean Meals

Campers will be enjoying two healthy meals each day that are free of sugar, gluten, and processed ingredients. Don’t worry about figuring out what to eat. The Mom Boot Camp Kit comes with a recipe book, eating guide, a shopping tutorial video, as well as a monthly meal planner.

Liters of Water

The first two signs of dehydration are fatigue and a headache (which pretty much describes the majority of moms). Each day campers will consume 3 liters of water to make sure they are staying hydrated.

Chapters of the Bible

The Bible is still the #1 bestselling personal development book of all time! Campers will read four chapters of the Bible each day. No worries about which chapters to read. The Mom Boot Camp Kit includes a complete Bible reading plan, plus a 5-day devotional to accompany it.

5 Minute Meditation

Meditation works great for the Mom Brain, and it is also a way to focus your prayer time. However, focus can be a challenge for moms. That’s why the Mom Boot Camp Kit includes a 5-minute guided meditation. All you need to do is sit still, press play, and let it do the work.

Is It Worth It?

Can you do these 5 Habits for 5 Days? AND tune in to the Daily Camp Video? Are you worth it? Is your future worth it? Is your family worth it?

PLUS Unlock The Ultimate Boot Camp BONUS Pack When You Register And Attend Mom Boot Camp - $695 VALUE, TOTALLY FREE! (You're Not Going To Want To Miss This...)


Happiness is a state that is very simple to create—IF YOU KNOW THE HIDDEN FORMULA!

Join Mom Boot Camp for a 5-day ride to happiness! Learn the ropes and ditch the overwhelm – no stress, no overthinking, just pure joy... Here's what you will learn:
Day One


We’re gonna hit the ground running by discovering the truth about the mom brain and helping you choose the Master Track that is personalized to fit your specific needs so you can get results immediately.

By the end of the day you’ll know…
Day Two


On day two, we’re going to discover the “secret sauce” of getting more done in less time, and the secret system that works for moms to set goals and reach them without the struggle of “to do” lists, diets, budgets, or charts.

By the end of the day you’ll know…
Day Three


On day three, we’ll discover the hidden switch in the mom brain that will help you stop being distracted and start developing “missile mode” where you shock yourself at how much you’re getting done—and actually enjoying it!

By the end of the day you’ll know…
Day Four


On day four, we’re going to reveal one of the biggest obstacles to your success as a mom (it’s what also is secretly keeping you anxious or depressed), as well as the hidden “slow cooker” solution that you can put to work right now.

By the end of the day you’ll know…
Day Five


On Day five, we’re going to wrap up Mom Boot Camp with one of the biggest surprise gifts ever! Each camper that went through all previous days get access to a secret tool that Hannah spent over $275,000 to create!

By the end of the day you’ll know…

What Are You Waiting For?

Isn’t it time to get rid of stress for good, and finally become the happy, productive, energetic mom your family deserves?
Are you ready to be a happier mom by Friday?

What You Can Expect From Mom Boot Camp!

Before Mom Boot Camp

After Mom Boot Camp

What's Comes With The Camp?

Here’s everything you get when you enroll in Mom Boot Camp!

Daily CAMP Videos + Our LIVE Session!

Hannah, America’s #1 Mom Coach, will be coaching you in real time each day! You get to ask her your questions and get to know the other Campers! Also, get ready for the FAST TRACK to total transformation. Each day in Mom Boot Camp will be paired with a daily video for you to watch, take notes, and master!

You also get the Mom Boot Camp Kit! This includes:
  • MBC Eating Plan & Recipe Collection
    MBC Eating Plan & Recipe Collection
    $47 VALUE
  • Grocery Shopping Video Tutorial
    Grocery Shopping Video Tutorial
    $18 VALUE
  • Hannah’s Monthly Meal Planner
    Hannah’s Monthly Meal Planner
    $35 VALUE
  • 5-Minute Mom Brain Meditation
    5-Minute Mom Brain Meditation
    $27 VALUE
  • Mom Fog Book
    Mom Fog Book
    $24 VALUE
  • Mom Fog Audio
    Mom Fog Audio
    $45 VALUE
  • Hannah’s Supplement List
    Hannah’s Supplement List
    $17 VALUE
  • MBC Devotion & Bible Reading Plan
    MBC Devotion & Bible Reading Plan
    $23 VALUE
  • That Mom Show Top 20
    That Mom Show Top 20
    $35 VALUE
  • M.A.P. Home Study Course
    M.A.P. Home Study Course
    $297 VALUE
  • 4-Hour Freedom Kit
    4-Hour Freedom Kit
    $197 VALUE
If you need to lose weight, increase energy, or improve your health…

Mom Boot Camp Eating Plan & Recipe Collection

Hannah’s secret eating plan that boosts energy, increases focus, and helps you reduce inflammation. This easy eating plan has helped Hannah (born in the 60s) continue to look good, feel great, and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. The eating plan also includes her recipe for the Mom Brain Smoothie, the Mom Decompression Tea, the Brain & Belly cocktail, and her signature Mom Makeover Bowls.
If you need help choosing the right food for your Mom Brain…

Grocery Shopping Video Tutorial

Shopping is super simple when you let Hannah walk you through it, aisle by aisle. In this video tutorial, Hannah takes you on one of her shopping trips, and reveals her go to shopping methods that help her stay away from sugar and gluten without sacrificing that “yummy” factor. She also shows you her key products and how to put items together to feed a hungry family.
If you need help planning out easy meals for your family…

Hannah’s Monthly Meal Planner

Meal planning can be a mom’s worst enemy. But if you don’t plan meals, you can almost guarantee you’re going to end up paying more and the food won’t be nearly as healthy. Hannah walks you step-by-step through her easy meal planning system, including the “repertoire rotation” and the “YOYO trick.” This system not only includes the strategy behind easy meal planning, but also 25 of Hannah’s favorite family recipes.
If you need to reduce stress and improve your mood…

5-Minute Mom Brain Meditation

Being a mom is one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Hannah’s guided audio meditation is the only meditation designed to work with the mom brain, using a strategy called “anchoring” to help moms reduce stress, improve focus, and get more done. Listen to this in the morning to have more productive days, and right before you going to bed to help you get restorative sleep.
If you need an in-depth total life transformation…

Mom Fog Book

Hannah’s best-selling book, “Mom Fog,” walks a stressed-out mom step-by-step through a total life transformation, working in Hannah’s signature “faith formula” method—from the inside-out! These are the 8 essential steps that work with the mom brain to go from overwhelmed to overjoyed. This book is available on Amazon for $24, but you can get it today as part of this Makeover Kit! Includes the Bonus 21-Day Rockin’ Routine program.
If you need to do that transformation while you’re on the go…

Mom Fog Audio

Hannah recorded the entire book, Mom Fog, so the busy mom could have a transformation “on the go.” This audio book includes all the content inside of Mom Fog, the 21-Day Rockin’ Routine Program, plus bonus content that is only available inside audio book. At the time of the recording, Hannah got new insight around each step and included that spontaneously inside the audio file—and now it’s all yours!
If you're looking to enhance your health and wellness…

Hannah’s Top Secret Supplement List

Unlock the power of Hannah's carefully curated supplement list. This handpicked selection is designed to support your journey towards weight loss, increased energy, and improved overall well-being. Discover the same secrets that have empowered Hannah to maintain a youthful vitality and high energy levels. Elevate your health with these specially selected supplements, personally endorsed by Hannah herself.
If you need spiritual guidance and support during Mom Boot Camp…

Mom Boot Camp Devotion & Bible Reading Plan

Hannah’s real-life stories, illustrations, and practical strategies hit home for any mom who wants to grow their faith along with their personal success. According to John 10:10, Jesus came so that moms (and other people too, of course) could have life “in abundance, to the full, til it overflows.” Hannah reveals in her devotion how to experience the fullness of that abundant life right now.
If you need practical help to break your bad habits…

That Mom Show Top 20

Did you know there is an entire vault of “Lost Episodes” from Hannah’s podcast, “That Mom Show?” We took the Top 20 Episodes and made an entire audio library for every mom who wants to get real results, fast! You can’t get this anywhere but the Makeover Kit, and it contains pure gold, like…

• 5 Ways To Stop Yelling At Your Kids
• #1 Trick To Get Your Butt Outta Bed
• Don’t Try To Fix Your Spouse—Do This instead!
• 5 Weird Things I Do Before 8am
• 3 Things To Do When You Can’t Follow Through
• 4 Ways To Get Your Emotions Under Control

Plus 14 more!
If you need help managing your time and getting more done…

M.A.P. Home Study Course with Printables

Time management can be a struggle for moms. That’s why Hannah created the M.A.P. system, the only time management system that works with the mom brain! In this program (which sells for $297), you get the complete guide, the video tutorials (2 hours of training), and even a printable template, so you can create as many copies as you like. Get ready to create 48-hour days!
If you need help overcoming financial stress and making money…

4-Hour Freedom Kit

Money can be stressful—especially if you don’t have any! Hannah created the 4-Hour Freedom Kit to walk a mom step-by-step through her proprietary method to start from scratch and create an extra $100 a day. All it takes is 4 hours and you are on your way! Hannah’s mom-specific money creation system reveals how to stay home, bring in money each month, save up to 20% in taxes, without clocking in for a paycheck, spending hours on your computer, or leaving the kids with a babysitter.

Upgrade Your Life, Unlock Your Potential

Check out Mom Boot Camp – only 5 bucks! Inside, you'll find over TEN amazing bonus programs covering everything from fitness and parenting to managing your time better. It's like a fun toolkit for all aspects of life. And guess what? It's a short 5-day thing, so you won't have to commit forever. This deal won't stick around for long, so jump in now to kickstart your journey to a healthier and happier mom life. Treat yourself without breaking the bank – join the Mom Boot Camp today!
Boot Camp Kit Details
Here’s Everything That’s Included
MBC Eating Plan & Recipe Collection (value $47)

Grocery Shopping Video Tutorial (value $18)

Hannah’s Monthly Meal Planner (value $35)

5-Minute Mom Brain Meditation (value $27)

Mom Fog Book (value $24)

Mom Fog Audio (value $45)

Hannah’s Supplement List (value $17)

MBC Devotion & Bible Reading Plan (value $23)

That Mom Show Top 20 (value $35)

M.A.P. Home Study Course with Printable (value $297)

4-Hour Freedom Kit (value $197)
Total Value: $765
$760 Savings
Today's price: Just $5
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